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Compact Wash-Light

Different types off compact wash lights using all kind of light sources with additive or subtractive color mixing have been evaluated.

Turbine Color Mix

New patent in full beam color mixing, intended for special purpose light units with high output power.


Par-Can replacement

High power, light weight wash light with par-can like beam, small color filters and adjustable beam angle.

True Color Mixing

Only two control channel are required for this new full color mixing system.



Self addressing micro sized control units, intended for any installation requiring very low infrastructureal facilities.

New Scanner Concept

Several highly advanced scanner designs targeting low- and high-end market based on the principle more effects with less parts.


DMX Devices

We design and build any kind of DMX devices (splitter, merger, interfaces, tester, ...) according to customers specification.

Light Matrix Units

Experienced in several LED project for matrix structures and RGB color mixing. We can give you off the shelf solutions



3 channel control units for architectural and show installations to directly run halogen bulbs or LED clusters.

DMX Adapter

Ethernet, USB, Serial-, Printer-port or other, we design an manufacture any kind of DMX512 adapter according to customers specifications.


Lighting Software

Full featured real-time ray tracing system for up to 16 fixtures in complex 3D spaces, interfaced with DMX512 and ArtNet.

DMX Analyzer

A very small unit displaying fundamental DMX512 parameters using a LED display.


Under Monitor Display

Intended for TV-Studio, UMD displays DCF77 time, time code and other textual information on its multi-color pixel matrix display.

Switch Mode Power

Power-pack for halogen or LED light sources, including data memory and data distribution systems.